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Click to buy the new Keith Carlock DVD: "The Big Picture"Hi Everyone!   Welcome and thanks for visiting! 

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London Drum Show

ANNOUNCEMENT: Keith's brand new signature model stick with Vic Firth has officially been released! Please check your local shop and try them out, and if they aren't there yet, please request them!!  You can find them at your local Guitar Center as well!  Please check them out, and if you like them, spread the word!


Custom Evans Carlock Souvenir Drum Head Check out these custom Evans heads. Limited edition and signed by me, these 12" heads are available while supplies last. Click here for more info and to purchase!


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This just in: I am touring this summer 2014 with Steely Dan in the USA and some Canada dates.

Check the "GIGS" page OR click HERE for latest info! Hope to see you at a show!!!

I am very happy to announce that I will be touring with TOTO in Japan late April into May 2014!

 Check the GIGS page for dates and also for the latest updates. Hope to see

 you at a show!!  

Also excited to announce that I recently recorded with Christopher Cross for his upcoming record, check back for details as they become available!  Also, a new one with Wayne Krantz and Oz Noy are in the works for a release this year!

As usual, the GIGS page is updated most often with where/ when/ and with whom I'm with!


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My instructional DVD with Hudson Music is now available! It's over 4 hours of video on two discs covering many topics with instruction, demonstrations, and many performances. It features the music of Rudder, Oz Noy with Will Lee, Steely Dan groove examples, an in studio performance/ master class with Wayne Krantz and Tim Lefebvre, and much more!! You can buy from Hudson Music by clicking here, Amazon, various music stores including Guitar Centers, other internet outlets, and if you act fast, I will send you an autographed copy for $50 (includes shipping and handling) using Pay Pal by clicking here.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! The DVD is a great gift for drummers on all levels, as well as any musician on any instrument. Not just drummers will benefit from this DVD.

Also, Hudson Music has released the audio tracks of Keith with Wayne Krantz and Tim Lefebvre from the DVD recording! Entitled "Krantz Carlock Lefebvre- The Hudson Sessions."  Buy it here at itunes.


Click here for my schedule to find out when, where, and with whom I am playing! Thank You!


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Click here for my schedule to find out when, where, and with whom I am playing.

Thanks so much for your support!!! KEITH

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