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Keith Carlock, The Big Picture - Phrasing, Improvisation, Style & Technique New instructional DVD by Steely Dan drummer Keith Carlock
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Over 4 hours of video on 2 disks, with PDF e-book included!
In The Big Picture (Phrasing, Improvisation, Style & Technique), Keith Carlock reveals the elements of his unique approach to drumming. In an enlightening master class, Keith explains and demonstrates creative and technical concepts, illuminated by specific exercises, many of which are transcribed in the accompanying printable PDF eBook.

Keith also plays to tracks from Oz Noy and from his own group, Rudder, dissecting his drum parts and relating each of his performances to the educational themes of the DVD. He also demonstrates and discusses his own approach to some legendary Steely Dan tracks.

The Big Picture will help you get inside the musical mind of Keith Carlock to illustrate how you can become a more complete musician and a more expressive drummer. Get it now from Hudson, Amazon, or autographed by Keith from PayPal.

Click on the logo below to get the DVD from Amazon Click to get the Krantz / Carlock/Lefebvre audio tracks from iTunes (EP tracks) Get an autographed copy for only $50.00 from me, through Paypal (Free Shipping!):
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